The Currency of Giving

CareCoin is a SAFU Certified Cryptocurrency project that is built on the Binance Smart Chain whose primary goal is to make a major impact in the world by making donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes that our holders get to choose while allowing the average person to leverage their strength in community numbers to make a positive impact in the world. CareCoin was inspired by two friends who wanted to make a huge impact in the world while creating real value for investors.

As Seen In...


Locked Liquidity

The Majority of initial LP tokens locked. 10% of all transactions go directly to the Liquidity Pools.


3% of all transactions are sent to the Marketing Wallet in order to be able to get the word out around the world about Care Coin. Marketing is a MUST if you want the projects to succeed.

Charity Wallet

3% of every transaction goes directly to the Charity Wallet in order for Care Coin to be able to donate to your causes, and to continue to achieve the mission of Care Coin; to be the Currency of Giving.

Project Wallet

4% of transactions go directly to the Project Wallet to fund the project Administration, as well as future Utilities.

Wallet Transfer Tax

10% of any Wallet-2-Wallet transfer will go directly to Liquidity Pools.


CARESV2 Total Supply is 21,000,000

  • CareRewards is a Passive Income Reward System that rewards holders for spreading the word about CareCoin. CareRewards is attached to a physical coin that can be scanned by anyone that the holder shows it to. Every month the holder is rewarded with CareCoins or CareCoin Products based on how many scans they conducted that month.
  • CareSwap is a live Decentralized Token Swap that allows everyone to stake, farm and swap any cryptocurrency, just like you would at PancakeSwap but ONLY 1/2 the PRICE! CareSwap is a fully-functioning exchange/liquidity site. 

Tele-Medicine Powered by the CareCoin EcoSystem

  • CareCoin will be creating a fully integrated telemedicine service and platform for patients, their family members, and their providers, called CareView, in order to provide a safer, faster, and much more affordable solution to in-person doctors’ visits, consultations, and prescriptions. Services & Appointments can be paid for with CareCoin. CareView will accept CareCoin as payment, therefore all providers will accept CareCoin.

Full-Scale NFT Marketplace & Minting Site

  • CareCoin is launching a very unique NFT Marketplace that provides a platform for creators to list their NFTs for sale, and buyers or collectors to choose from its massive collection. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain, and offers a simple and secured trading experience for everyone. One of the very unique aspects of our marketplace is that with every purchase, 5% of those funds go directly to the charity/group of your choice, so you’re helping with every purchase or sale.

Enjoy the CareDEX Decentralized Exchange

  • CareCoin aims to launch a decentralized yet fully integrated exchange in order to gain value and ease of access to CareCoin, major stable coins, and a list of top trending coins. CareDeX is a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders. CareDeX will fulfill one of crypto’s core possibilities: fostering financial transactions that aren’t officiated by banks, brokers, payment processors, or any other kind of intermediary.

Store Your CareCoin in Your CareWallet

  • The Care Wallet is easy to understand and use, even for crypto beginners. The Wallet calculator will break down for you which tokens/coins you’re purchasing so that you know exactly what you’re buying or selling. We support some of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BitCoin, BNB and the most popular crypto tokens are here. Our streamlined interface will help you track the markets and make an informed decision about your crypto purchase. You can also view trading charts of your favorite digital assets of varying timeframes or use the CareCoin calculator to conveniently calculate your assets. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned investor, CareCoin Wallet is the best place for you to buy, sell, or swap your tokens.

CrowdFunding Platform built for DeFi

  • CareFund is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise funds for life-changing events such as illness, accidents, medical procedures, and much more. If a major event happens in your life, CareFund is the place to go to for fundraising. CareFund will accept and payout in CareCoin as well, and don't forget that all Utilities within the CareCoin EcoSystem will benefit holders with every transaction.

Imagine if Amazon & Etsy Had a Baby...

  • Imagine if Amazon and Etsy had a baby. Do you know what they would name it? CareShop! They would name it CareShop because it’s a beautiful large-scale automated marketplace for thousands of products and vendors that benefit a good cause or charity. Imagine thousands of vendors getting together on one platform for a good cause and selling all of their products in one place. Imagine being able to search and sort through all of your favorite product categories and checking out in a seamless fashion, and then being able to purchase everything with CareCoin, CareCoin Card, and most other major forms of payment upon checkout! Of course, you could use any card or method, but staying inside the CareCoin Ecosystem just benefits you more because all sales incur a 5% fee that goes directly back to CareCoin holders, and each sale benefits the charitable vendors and organizations that are on our platform creating and selling these wonderful products.

Spend Your Care Coin How You Want

  • We are one of the first projects to offer a crypto card for crypto purchases everywhere Visa/MC is accepted.
  • Spend your crypto the way you want to, on the things you want to
  • Enjoy instant liquidity of your CareCoins
  • Use the CareCoin card like you would any other card
  • Connect your card to your CareCoin App to see live info about your account
  • Every transaction benefit charities and in-need groups around the world


CareTrack Tracks your Rewards, Balance & More

  • CareTrack is CareCoin’s Wallet and Rewards Tracker that will give you tons of live information about your CareCoin balance, history and rewards. The CareTrack function is attached to the website and can easily be reached by entering your wallet address.

Our Cryptocurrency App

  • Ability to Buy Cryptocurrencies
    Ability to send Cryptocurrencies
    Ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat
    We will have new TextBit technology meaning the users can text CareCoin to anyone anywhere in the world using a telephone number (restrictions apply)

Synergy Between Patients, Pharmacies, Families & Providers

  • The Metaverse has been expanding at an exponential rate the last 12 months with crypto projects that focus on gaming and virtual real estate, however, there is a huge void left out there for those who don’t care for gaming or virtual real estate but would jump right into the Metaverse if they had something that truly interested them, such as common interests or great informative conversations with like-minded people, and that is EXACTLY where the CareVerse comes in. We imagine the CareVerse serving multiple roles; the 1st is it being a hub of Virtual Reality Categorized Interest Rooms where people can come together to talk about specific ailments and conditions such as certain types of cancers or Autism and even Suicide. These special CareVerse rooms will be the hub for information and connections for accessing care better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. The conversations that will take place in the CareVerse Rooms will offer insight, relief, support, and understanding to the entire CareCoin Community around the world. The 2nd role would be a conferencing hub between your doctor, your specialist, and yourself to have synergy in your treatment plan instantly. The 3rd role we envision is for Physical Therapy and check-ups for those patients who are on the path to recovery. Patients would be able to do PT in VR, as well as meet with their therapists virtually. The CareVerse has near endless possibilities, and we intend to bring them to life for you.

Learn About Crypto for FREE

  • For some people, cryptocurrency trading can be intimidating and sometimes it’s difficult to find the answers to your questions about crypto, so we created Crypto U to help guide you in your quest for understanding all things crypto. The Crypto U site will have anything and everything to do with Cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. Search from thousands of articles around the web that have to do with Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. With Crypto U you can also choose from a categorized library of How-To videos. Crypto U is made for anyone from the “new-to-crypto” person, all the way to the avid trader who just wants more info on certain subjects within the crypto community.

Learn everything there is to know about CareCoin

  • CareCoin understands that the vast majority of the world either doesn’t know about cryptocurrency or doesn’t understand how it works; so, in order to help you understand how CareCoin specifically works, and how to buy and sell it, we created CarePedia, an online educational resource for those looking to invest in or become a part of the CareCoin Family. In CarePedia, you can find articles on how to setup your wallet or how to find our Audit Reports; you can also find guides on how to buy our Pre-Sale on Pinksale or even how to navigate around our website & Telegram groups to find anything and everything you may have questions about for CareCoin.

1:1 NFTs Made by CareCoin Founders for Holders

  • NFT means “Non-Fungible Token”; a digital asset that you own and can prove ownership through the crypto blockchain. CareCoin NFTs are 1-of-1 creations directly from the Founders of CareCoin, who are also Digital Artists and will offer you a digital asset within the CareCoin ecosystem that you can buy and sell or hold onto while the value rises. When you purchase a CareCoin NFT, you get to choose who/what benefits from the purchase of that specific NFT. 50% of each sale goes to your designated charity/group, 25% goes directly back to all holders of CareCoin, and 25% goes to the Marketing Wallet. CareCoin NFTs can be purchased directly in the CareCoin NFT Marketplace, known as CareMINT.

Show CareCoin off to the World in Style

  • CareCoin has created a “Swag” shop full of products with the CareCoin logo and slogan “The Currency of Giving”. All sales proceeds go directly to the Charity and Marketing wallets in order to fund our humanitarian projects, that you vote on, both domestically and around the world. Choose from T-Shirts, Mugs, Home Goods and much more to show your support for an amazing project. Show the world how you support your cause! The CareCafe will be directly accessible from the website.
✅Phase One
April 1st, 2022 - July 31st, 2022

• Establish LLC ✅
• Develop Website ✅
• Smart Contract ✅
• TechRate Initial Audit ✅
• InterFi Full Audit ✅
• Establish Social Media ✅
• 5k telegram members ✅
• DexTools Integration ✅
• PinkSale Creation ✅
• Whitelist event ✅
• PinkSale KYC Owners ✅
• KYB Company ✅
• Influencer Relationship ✅
• Lock LP Tokens ✅
• Lock Team Tokens ✅
• Pre-Launch Marketing ✅

phase two
July 31st - January 1st 2022

• CMC Listing ✅
• Coin Mooner Listing ✅
• Poocoin Listing ✅
• Social media blitz ✅
• Marketing blitz ✅
• Poocoin Ads Deployed ✅
• ISO 20022 Preliminary review ✅
• Poocoin Banner Ads ✅
• 1st Major Partnership ✅
• CareCAFE ✅
• CareSwap ✅
• Direct Donate Function

phase three
January 2nd 2022 - May 30th 2023

• 50k telegram members
• 3 Major Organizational Partnerships
• One major exchange listing active ✅
• Apply for ISO-20022 certification
• 2nd major donation
• Crypto Card launch
• Increased advertising & market visibility
• Care Wallet
• 3 national retail chains accept CareCoin
• 10 hospitals accept CareCoin
• CareFund launched         
• CareTrak – (Wallet Tracker)

phase four
June 1st 2023 - December 31st 2024

• 100k telegram members
• ISO 20022 certification
• Partnership with one of top 20 global donation foundations
• Build 6 homes for impoverished families (3 domestically and 3 chosen from international community)
• 3rd major donation
• Multiple major exchange listings
• Care-Verse
• Care Coin NFT
• Full vertical integration of CareCoin cryptocurrency in to one of the top 3 U.S. medical networks
• CareView Launched
• CareShop



Co-Founder / Dev / Partnerships
James is a 3x Advanced-Stage Cancer Survivor who Co-Founded CareCoin. James leads the way for CareCoin's overall mission and vision.


Research / Copy Writer
Dickson is new and he is the back-bone of the Research & Copy Writing office. He is our Research & Copywriting Coordinator and ensures that we're always ahead of the game.


Ramy is a top-level Development Consultant and Certified Blockchain Auditor who joined the CareCoin Team in January of 2022


Co-Founder / Project Manager
Simon is a 17 year Law Enforcement Officer and the Co-Founder of CareCoin. Simon helps to run the Day-to-Day operations of the project to ensure the overall success of CareCoin.

What is Care Coin? – CareCoin is a SAFU Certified Cryptocurrency project that is built on the Binance Smart Chain whose primary goal is to make a major impact in the world by making donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes that our holders get to choose while allowing the average person to leverage their strength in community numbers to make a positive impact in the world. CareCoin was inspired by two friends who wanted to make a huge impact in the world while creating real value for investors.

Tell your friends, family, Co-Workers & even strangers about Care Coin! Social media is a powerful & wonderful place when used for Good, like Care Coin. You can also email any proposal to

Every Buy transaction incurs an 8% Tax, with 3% going to Liquidity Pool, 1% goes to Marketing, and 4% to the Project Fund. Every Sell transaction incurs a 12% Tax, with 8% going to Liquidity Pool, 2% Marketing, and 3% Charity.

It means you don't have to trust any central organization or person the way you would trust a bank. The developers, founders nor team can seize your funds, but they also can't return them if you send them to the wrong address, so be very careful who you trust your info with.

This is actually easier than you think. Care Coin sets itself apart with its overarching mission; To become the Currency of Giving; what we mean is that with every sell and every buy transaction, we take 3% and put those coins into a Donation/Charity Wallet and we then use those funds to conduct charitable actions such as paying-off medical bills; funding critical procedures for patients, filling up food banks around the world; providing clean/drinkable water to impoverished people, building clean energy homes & schools for those communities in need, and funding specialized projects such as building solar-powered water wells.

YES! Care Coin was founded by two friends from the United States in January of 2022; they are Simon Knaus & Jimmy Stephens. While there are a few other team members, such as developers, marketers etc., the Founders are the ones who will always be visible, transparent and helpful along the way. We believe that to be a legitimate project and to accomplish our mission, it takes communication, purpose and transparency, and we intend to operate our brand and business in that manner.

Yes. Care Coin, from the very beginning has always operated with the utmost transparency, starting with the very code our Smart Contract was written in. All of our transactions/fees/taxas are easily traceable on BSCscan, and that includes our Charity Wallet.

YES. Our contract adheres to the highest standards in Crypto; SAFU. CareCoin is SAFU Certified and that certification, along with the audit can be seen on our website at 

Absolutely not. If we want to lower the fees/costs/taxes in the future, we have to maintain ownership of the project. It is not beneficial to the investors, owners, or those that receive charitable contributions from the Care Coin Family if ownership is renounced because we are not able to change anything in the future.

No. Care Coin is not a non-profit entity. We are classified as a LLC and our company was founded in the state of Texas in the USA.


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10437 East FM 917 – Alvarado, TX. 76009

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